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A Hard Rain (’s a-Gonna Fall)

It has been quite some time since T&B put fingers to keyboard to enlighten, enthral, provoke, irritate…

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Cypriot MoU Leak – an EU Acid Trip

The latest leaked Cypriot MoU fresh from the EU – on ‘Specific Economic Policy Conditionality’ – features a 4% primary budget surplus by 2017. A German hallucination!

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The Full Monti

The Strategist’s Lament Having dawdled and delayed drafting the most recent T&B through the long, sleepy months of summer (cruising Asian seas aboard El Aleph is not conducive to the sort of righteous indignation which has informed the better issues … Continue reading

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The Fear Issue

Something of a novelty – an issue of T&B running somewhat shorter than ‘War and Peace’ (and with far fewer characters, most of whom have only one name…). Whilst we had initially set out to keep it to 10 pages, … Continue reading

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DSK: The Counter-History – by Edward Jay Epstein

The recent Greek election could have led to Greece’s exit from the Euro, and set off the Doomsday clock for the global financial system. Could this potential scenario have been averted if Dominique Strauss-Kahn had kept his appointment  in Berlin … Continue reading

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