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Follow-on to the Facebook Revolution

T&B is gratified that our most recent opus triggered a bit of controversy, with an outpouring of correspondence – mostly favourable, but a few very critical. This signifies that we are doing our job – provoking discussion and undermining the unthinking consensus.

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Russian Facebook Protest – A Field of Dreams

T&B is always amazed at the ability of Westerners to see what they wish to see in Russia, whether or not it is actually there: The field of dreams! Tarkovsky’s Solaris – the planet where one’s innermost thoughts, deepest fears, … Continue reading

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Of Blind Men & Elephants – Notes from China

As a strategist, one can no longer assemble a coherent world view without taking a view on China – not just the world’s second largest economy, but the world’s first-largest source of economic growth and commodity demand. The secular rise … Continue reading

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The Missing Chapter – A Personal View of Russia–Twenty Years After

Every so often, one of my readers enquires as to why I do not write a book. The answer seems obvious enough: it has already been done. The libraries are groaning under the weight of millions of them – in … Continue reading

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*Tymoshenko Jailed for Seven Years

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