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23 Theses and One Piece of Investment Advice – A View from the Kremlin Towers

Martin Luther nailed up no fewer than 95 theses and changed the world – but his was a time before the internet, and he didn’t have a portfolio to manage. We have thus confined ourselves to a mere 23…

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Earthquake Season

“May you live in interesting times!” — Old Chinese curse (alas, mythical — though someone surely should have said it!) “Insanity is doing the same thing — over and over again — and expecting a different outcome.” — Attributed to … Continue reading

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Ukraine: Truth – the First Casualty

How do wars begin? Wars begin when, first, politicians lie to journalists, then they believe what they read in the press! Karl Kraus, 1912 The bombastic and totally counterproductive Western response to the crisis which followed the nationalist coup d’état … Continue reading

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A Hard Rain (’s a-Gonna Fall)

It has been quite some time since T&B put fingers to keyboard to enlighten, enthral, provoke, irritate…

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Follow-on to the Facebook Revolution

T&B is gratified that our most recent opus triggered a bit of controversy, with an outpouring of correspondence – mostly favourable, but a few very critical. This signifies that we are doing our job – provoking discussion and undermining the unthinking consensus.

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