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A Voice of Dissent – from an ex-White House Lawyer

In spite of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton blasting the Khodorkovsky ruling in December, T&B readers may be surprised to learn that there is at least someone with credentials in the US political elite to have spoken out against the … Continue reading

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A Journalist Unmuzzled! – A Private Communication

T&B just received a forwarded e-mail exchange between a British MP who protests the conviction of Khodorkovsky and Lebedev, followed by a stinging reply from a prominent Western journalist who covered Russia for most of the past decade.

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Is Putin pitiable, or is the FT corrupt?

Reading the FT on Russia, what is interesting is not what they write – it is why they write it. A friend of T&B was told face-to-face about six months ago by an FT editor that, as a journalist here, one’s … Continue reading

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The Khodorkovsky Death Watch

We have repeatedly thought we had said our last about the Yukos story, and that – like with the probity of the Orange Revolution team, or the Georgian invasion of So. Ossetia – the world had begrudgingly come around to … Continue reading

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