Enter Dragon, Smoking…

The Dragons certainly not quitting this year... 189x300 Enter Dragon, Smoking...

One of the wonderful things about living in Russia is the number of times one can celebrate the same holiday. The glorious October Revolution occurred in November, while the Orthodox Christmas and New Year occur some two weeks after their Western counterparts. Typically disinclined to miss any excuse for a party, the Russians manage to combine two New Years and one Christmas in a single alcoholic blurrrrr – stretching from late December well into the second half of January.

Thus, the present opus was intended for the Dec 31 “European” New Year; due to factors totally beyond our control it was delayed until the Orthodox New Year on January 7; we are now struggling to finish in time for the Chinese New Year.

Happy Year of the Dragon (and shed a tear for St. George!)

Several of our readers have complained that, of late, we were neglecting Russia as we focused on the havoc in the West – they will be happy to know that the current issue is almost entirely devoted to our adoptive homeland. We will here seek to answer a few of your most pressing questions including: who murdered Litvinienko? (almost certainly Boris Berezovsky); which Westerner is doing the most to crush the freedom of the press as regards Russia? (William Browder); whom is Navalny really working for? (damned if we know – but we will venture a guess); what is the true significance of the recent Duma elections? (Russian governance moves towards the socialist/nationalist camp); and what are Prokhorov’s presidential chances? (those of a snowball in hell!).

Any reader interested solely in filthy lucre (given all the moaning we hear about the “crisis of capitalism”, apparently only a small minority) will wish to have a look at “How to Trade It”, where we temporarily shift to a more bullish stance while staying with the same asset classes which afforded us a reasonably profitable 2011.

So, if the gentle reader has not suffered enough New Year’s self-inflicted abuse – here is one last toast!


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