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The Strategist’s Lament

Having dawdled and delayed drafting the most recent T&B through the long, sleepy months of summer (cruising Asian seas aboard El Aleph is not conducive to the sort of righteous indignation which has informed the better issues of Truth and Beauty…), we were motivated to put pen to paper by the singularly interesting events in Europe – what appears to be an unexpected outbreak of contagious sanity amongst European policy makers seemingly intent upon forestalling the apocalypse.

Yes, the more orthodox amongst our readers will argue that the enthusiastic monetisation which has become increasingly fashionable in the G7 will not end at all well; however, T&B is singularly unconcerned with “endings”, assuming – Born-Again Buddhist that he is – that no composite thing is remotely sustainable, and thus, we surf the waves of phenomena, without imagining any of it to be endowed with fundamental reality, much less with any permanence. Or, in less philosophical terms – we are in and out of our positions like rats up a drainpipe!

Alas, in the week that it has taken to draft this issue, much has happened, and we have been very busy with trading – whilst a good half of this issue is devoted to financial considerations and trading opportunities, with the b… out rally in all financial markets (until recently priced for the end of the world trade), much of what we have written has been overtaken by events while we were struggling with the formatting. Perhaps, as suggested by our dear friend SAD, we should move to a blog format, which would certainly save some time!

Otherwise, we inevitably discuss the most recent feline scandal – not for what it tells us about Russia (precious little), but for what it tells us about the West. We have put out the kitty litter, and are ready to move on to more weighty topics – the growing chaos in the Middle East will provide much grist for our mill in subsequent issues. For now, we have focused on Russia, governance and economics – where we find the purportedly half-empty glass to be actually half-full. We are currently enjoying the traditional Moscow Indian Summer – that all-too-brief span of lovely weather in a city where climate constitutes an almost existential challenge.

Happy sunning – but remember it shall not last!


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